[SOLVED] Content is not editable on second page onward when changing from a 'prevent updates' step to a step that doesn't prevent updates

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Current behavior

We currently have a Workflow of

-> Peer Review
-> Published
-> Unpublished

This does not prevent updates.

We have

-> Draft
-> Peer Review

This does prevent updates

When updating a content item from the first page of the content list from unpublished to draft the content becomes editable straight away in the view.

When selecting a content item from the second page of the content list onwards from unpublished to draft the content does not become editable until the page is manually refreshed however the history is automatically updated with the change.

Expected behavior

When changing content on any page from Unpublished to Draft the content becomes editable straight away in the view.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Create a workflow with a step one with ‘prevent updates’ enabled and one without ‘prevent updates’ enabled. When navigating to the second page of the content list select a content item with the step that has ‘prevent updates’ and try to change it to the step where ‘prevent updates’ is disabled.


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Which version do you use?

I cannot reproduce it:

Hi @Sebastian we are using the latest commit on master.

This only happens when editing a content item from the second page of content items. I will try and upload a video.

Are you sure that the problem is not the following:

When you make an update to a content item the list is refreshed, because it could totally change your results. Lets say you have a filter to get only published items, then an update would remove this item from the current view.

When you update an item on page 1 it gets a new timestamp and it would move to the head of the list. Therefore it kind of disappears from the second page.

It is confusing to be honest, perhaps we should change that.

When changing from Unpublished to Draft the ‘Current Version’ does not change to Draft on the article. This only happens when going to page 2 or further of the content list. If you navigate directly to the URL of the content item this does not happen.

As you can see from the GIF the current version does not change and the content is not editable.

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My question is: Do you really edit the same content that you actually changed before? With your test data it is hard to tell.

Sorry if I’ve misinterpreted the question.

Yes we would change the status from ‘Unpublished’ to ‘Draft’ and then start editing.

I have merged 2 branches to the master. Perhaps you try them when the build is complete?

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Does it work better now?

I’m out office now but I will try first thing in the morning!

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Morning @Sebastian I’ve tested this morning and can confirm the issue has been resolved.

Thank you!


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