[SOLVED] Color Editor off the screen

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Current behavior

I’ve set up a field which is a text field and then under the editing section, I’ve selected the color editor

This field is the last field of about 10 fields in the schema.
When I go to the content to add a record, the color selector/editor is off the bottom of the screen and I am not able to scroll it into view.

Expected behavior

The color selector should be above the control if it can’t fit in the div/panel.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Explained above.


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Thank you very much. It is a third party control, not sure if I can control it that much, perhaps I have to replace it.

For now you could just rearrange your fields :wink:

I have fixed it and will deploy it tomorrow.

Yes, wasn’t a big issue, but thought I would report it none the less. Thanks for the fix :slight_smile:

Every bug report is welcome :slight_smile:

Deployed and fixed…