[SOLVED] Cloned schema with old deleted schema name, has empty item results

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Current behavior

app: conclusion-games
schema with problem: nerf-war
(this is under my ms account)

I had a old schema that was a multiple content schema named: nerf-war
now i cloned that schema (with a different name), then deleted schema nerf-war, then i cloned the cloned schema back to a single content schema with the old deleted schema name: nerf-war

(deleted old multiple content schema, and used clone with different name to create a single content schema with the same name as the old deleted schema: nerf-war, basically i wanted my multi content schema to be converted to a single content schema with the same name)

The new schema now returns status 200, with total 0 (no items)
i do have filled the new schema content (the old deleted one was filled).
it is all published.

Currently the content for the schema does say “draft” greyed out, and i cannot interact with it or anything.
Only edit the content and save it.

Expected behavior

get my content from the api call (single content schema content).

Minimal reproduction of the problem

create schema multi content named: ‘schema-a’,
(filled at least one item)
clone schema ‘schema-a’ to new schema multi content named: ‘schema-b’,
delete schema ‘schema-a’,
clone ‘schema-b’ to new schema single content named: ‘schema-a’
(filled single content this time, so there should be content in the api call)


api call on content nerf-war (post man for example)

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Thank you. Fixed and in the build pipeline. But you have to create the schema again, sorry for that.

Hi Sebastian,

Thank you for looking into it.
Im just glad it was fixable, no problem about remaking the schema.

I just deployed a fix, Fortunanately it was a one-liner.

Fix now working and confirmed.
Thanks again.