[SOLVED] Client Library - JsonConverter


I currently have a model with the following inputs:

Hours of Operation (Schema)
Monday (Input)
Tuesday (Input)
Wednesday (Input)
Thursday (Input)
Friday (Input)
Saturday (Input)
Sunday (Input)

When attempting to create a new content piece for it using the client library. It fails due to the JsonConverter not following the case of the attribute. So when created “Monday” is changed to “monday”.

Am I using the wrong approach here?

No, it is by design. See:

You can use the JsonProperty attribute or I can create an extension in the Client Library for you.

I added an attribute: https://github.com/Squidex/squidex-samples/commit/56af74d127085f298c69fdd06ce2aa74ed9451f9

Also published to nuget as 1.0.

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Awesome thank you. Appreciate that.