[SOLVED] CLI Sync in case sensitive fields in content Sync

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Current behavior

In our schemas the contentcreators created fieldnames with UpperCaseFirst (PascalCase).
CLI Sync out also gives the correct fieldnames in the json files. But when changing content and starting Sync in, the fields are unknown, see image.
Whenever I update the fieldnames in Squidex to camelCase fieldnames, the Sync in works fine.

When I change the fieldnames in squidex to camelCase and restart the Sync in it works. Even though the json still contains PascalCase fieldnames. Do the sync out and sync in both use the same JsonHelper?

Expected behavior

I know camelCase is the way to go for JSON. Can you make it a case-insensitive Sync in/out functionality?
Or maybe force camelCase when saving/creating fields in schemas? So sync in/out won’t have to be updated.
If you need more information, let me know.Thnx!

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Create schema, create field with FieldNamePascalCase. Create some content for this schema. Use CLI to Sync out content. Sync in now causes errors:
Upserting #0… failed: Validation error: cookieyesScriptSource: Not a known field., facebookPageId: Not a known field., googleTagManagerCode: Not a known field., newsTypes: Not a known field., favicon: Not a known field., logoSmall: Not a known field., logo: Not a known field., primaryColor: Not a known field.


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CLI Version cli-v7.2


It sounds like a bug I think and not like something I would like to change in the squidex core.

I have pushed a new version.

Thnx man! Saves me alot of renaming :slight_smile:

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