[SOLVED] CLI error - Parameter 'shortNameAsString'

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Current behavior

When you run sq.exe you get:

ERROR: Short name must be a single character: clientId Property:Squidex.CLI.Commands.App+Twitter+AuthArguments.ClientId

ClientId(System.String) (Parameter ‘shortNameAsString’)

Expected behavior

It should suggest type --help for more details, or something similar, rather than popping up this error.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Clone the github CLI source, get to run build.ps1, jump to win-x64 (in my case), and run sq.exe

BTW, with this bug I can’t set any config:

.\sq.exe config add [APP_NAME] [CLIENT_ID] [CLIENT_SECRET]

I get the same error.

Thanks, I have noticed this problem as well. You could try an older version. I am working on a bigger improvement for the CLI, which should be done this Friday. Then I will release a new version.

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