[SOLVED] Cannot retrieve app by client id

Testing v3.5, all my apps are created using client-id (some-id). The app’s contributer shows it is ‘some-id’,
still appProvider.GetUserAppsAsync(useridOrClientId) does not return the newly created app in the list?
Anyone else face this issue?

if you create by subjectid it works as expected.

Do you mean a list of all apps or a specific app?

List of apps. If created by Sub-Id it creates and fetches as expected. But if created by client-id it creates it correctly but cannot fetch by same id although it shows as owner contributer.

You are probably right, the clients were never intended to work across apps.

3.0 was working fine. Now I have problems. I had designed around client-id.

Really? Then it worked by accident. But I will fix it.

it should a 1 liner fix perhaps. Could you please pin point where can do that, its kind of urgent would really help me.

You have to remove the “if”

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I also made the same change to 4.0.0

Looks like it solves the issue.Thanks a lot, otherwise would have taken another hour or so debugging it. Saved time. Any specific reason for that if condition? Just curious.

I don’t remember to be honest, I don’t think there was a good reason. I have refactored the indexing solution and thought it would be a good idea. Perhaps my brain has stopped working for a few minutes.

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So many bug reports usually. Nothing really big, but it is annoying :frowning: … not the bug reports of course.

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It depends, at receiving end then it definitely bugs you. Almost 2 hours into this already. :woozy_face:

Of course, I totally understand you, but nothing that deletes all your data or a security leak or so.

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