[SOLVED] Button to save App dashboard is not visible on smaller screens

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Current behavior

I have config my dashboard (select panel I want see) and press update button, but when I change the screen (for example I select content link) and after go to dashboard the configuration disappeared.

What am I do wrong?
Is it possibile configure a default dahboard based on role?
I created a custom role with only permission on contents and assets but on the dashboard it can see github, api panel and schema.

thanks in advance,


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Version: [5.9]


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Have you pressed “Save”? And no, it is not possible to create default dashboards, but you can share your JSON if you go to Expert Mode.

Hi Sebastian,
the save button is not visible until I set the font size at 90% (my monitor resolution is 1920x1280) If the font size is 100%, the page doen’t scroll down and I can’t see the button.


I see. I will fix that.

Btw: I have a height of 1080 on my notebook and I see everything.

I have solved it in the master branch for all dropdowns. They get a scrollbar now, when there is not enough space.

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