[SOLVED] Base Path Proxy Server UI incorrect paths


I am hoping you can help with this. We have the following configuration using Squidex hosted on Kubernetes with an Envoy Proxy.

  1. Squidex hosted under the site path /content/ using an Proxy to redirect the path /content/ to the squidex instance.
  2. We have setup the following

The proxy is not rewriting the path the at all. It is forwarding https://domain.com/content/ directly to the squidex instance.

Squidex is returning an asset url (correctly as)


The angular front end has the <base href="/content/" /> in the header.

Uploading an asset works correctly, however viewing or modifying the asset is sending requests to https://domain.com/content/content/api/apps/test/assets/GUID?checkReferrers=true

When viewing an asset directly in the browser and removing the second /content/ path it works fine.

I have tried multiple different combinations oif BASE_URL, BASEPATH (with and without). Seems the only issue that I can find is the UI adding the /content/ part to the URL.

Please let me know if I can provide any more details.


Can you show one example asset how it is returned in the Browser network log? Just one please

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