[SOLVED] Backups seem to be failing on cloud

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Current behavior

We’re trying to perform a backup of our app data to store it off-site, but after starting the backup and letting it run, it eventually disappears from the list of backups. No errors are show on screen as far as I can tell.

Expected behavior

Backup is created and downloadable.

Minimal reproduction of the problem



App Name: ivagaming

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Version: Cloud


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Hi, there is a backup running at the moment. Perhaps just a UI problem with the new job runner.

Okay, now it disappeared again. I will have a look.

Yeah that’s precisely what I observed - I even tried to get more info from the DevTools while the backup was running, but I didn’t get any more information. One request it had two items in the response list, the next just had one item in the response list.

Id of backup that was running
"id": "c038b20e-791a-44d8-983d-b9fe3c19869a"

I am going to add a few logs and see if that helps to investigate it.

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Do you know after which time the backup disappeared?

No sorry, I didn’t keep a record of that; but it was past 11 minutes last I had checked. The only information that I have is that the backup was started at 2022-10-06T15:25:38.1627854Z, but I don’t have the timestamp of the last request.

Considering that you posted that it disappeared at 15:49 UTC, the maximum the backup could have run for was 24 minutes.

I have found the issue, the configured timeout was just too short. I have increased it and triggered a backup for you.

Thanks for looking into this Sebastian. What is the new timeout if I may ask? Our content will continue to grow over time, so I can keep an eye if we’re reaching the timeout again.

The new timeout is 4 hours.

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