[SOLVED] Asset file extension is added to image alt and title in markdown

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Current behavior

  1. I upload an image into the Assets library
  2. Then I edit meta data and define a user-friendly name for the asset item
  3. I insert this image in markdown editor using “Insert assets” button
  4. In markdown Asset name is used both for Alt and Title text and that’s correct, but then file extension is added to the Asset name by some reason.

Generated markdown:

![Glass of milk.jpg](xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/glass-of-milk.jpg 'Glass of milk.jpg')

Expected behavior

Image Alt and Title texts should only contain Asset name without additional file extension

![Glass of milk](xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/glass-of-milk.jpg 'Glass of milk')


  • [x] Self hosted with docker
  • [ ] Self hosted with IIS
  • [ ] Self hosted with other version
  • [ ] Cloud version

Version: [4.6.0]

I have no plans to change it as I am thinking about a new markdown editor anyway. But thank you very much for your bug report.

Ok, thanks for your reply.

I have fixed it, it is was an easy thing. Build is pending.

You can use dev-4957 when the build is ready.

THANKS. Very much appreciated! Our editors will be pleased!