[SOLVED] 500 - Server Error when retrieving schemas and content through cloud Dashboard



Since yesterday I’ve been receiving 500 - Server Error responses when using the cloud dashboard. The errors comes when retrieving schemas and content. Retrieving assets and other settings seems to be working fine. The last time that I can confirm that i worked was last thursday. I don’t remember changing anything on my end that could have caused the error.

I’ve attached a screenshot with one of the failing request. Please let me know if you need more information in order to trace the issue. As this is only a test environment for us at the moment, so the issue is not super urgent.


Thank you for the bug report and patient. I see the errors in the logs and should be able to fix it today.


Can you try it again? it might be fixed already.


Yup, now it works again. Thanks!


Great, please do not create preview urls until I fixed the real problem.