[SOLVED] 2022-04-12 Planned Maintenance

I got a warning that a root certificate for the Squidex Cloud kubernetes cluster is about to expire this Saturday and that a rotation of the certificate is needed. Due to the public holiday I cannot wait that long.

Therefore I am going to make this update tomorrow 10am German Time. It should not effect the squidex cluster, but there is not guarantee.

Maintenance is done. Nothing died … Phew

Hi Sebastian,

I notice that my settings button (bottom left) on cloud.squidex.io doesnt work. Is it related to this maintenance?

Seems all my menu buttons dont work. I work with Chrome.

Restarting browser fixed my issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Each of the parts on the side is loaded on demand, so when a new deployment is done, the file names change and this could happen. Theoretically you can solve it with progressive web apps, but so much can go wrong when you do that.