[SOLVED] 2021-06-16 Downtime

I am aware of the downtime and I am working on it. But it can take 30-40 min.

Update 1: 9:10 Berlin Time: The issue seem to be resolved.
Update 2: 9:45 Berlin Time: Still facing some issues with login, but I cannot see where they are coming from. Cloudflare is also doing a lot of maintenance at the moment.

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The issue is not resolved on our end. our get requests are not working.

when I do a request for a single item it works fine. but for multiple items, it does not.

Yes, I know. It seems that the databaser has some issues. Queries that usually take less than 1 ms take 1-2 seconds now.

Thank you for your prompt response, do you have any estimate as to a fix to the issue?

Seems to be better now, but I have no idea what it actually was.

When attempting a Postman request I am getting a " Parse Error: Header overflow" error, clients that worked yesterday still fail to retrieve data. do you need specifics requests?

For us it worked for a few minutes, but now it’s down again

@aiwfiu Yes, I know…

I still have no idea what it is, could be just a load of requests that the DB server cannot handle.

Anything we can help with on our end?

I could have found something. The storage with the tokens was very slow.

FYI we are still getting 521s

ok seems to be fixed now :smiley:

Hi there!

Your https://status.squidex.io/ still show CDN and Cloud as offline. Or it is not correct?

Updating because people are commenting that it is fixed that the issue is still the same for me when doing a get request for multiple items.

No, I don’t think so.

For me it works fine now. What kind of query do you make?

Veeery slow on our side…

I sent you an example of a failing request via a private message

We are experiencing issues with live look ups to your service.

Also I cannot perform a netlify build of our static prod website

errors still occurring fyi.