[SOLVED] 2020-10-15 Short downtime due to connectivity issues with MongoDB

Hello together,

we just had a short downtime, because the MongoDB cluster was not in a healthy state. I have stopped Squidex and the cluster became healthy again and now it seems to run fine again.

I will update the post as soon as I have more information.


I have this email from Google:

GKE will gradually upgrade clusters’ control planes to Kubernetes v1.16,  **beginning on or after October 6, 2020,**  as follows:

* Clusters running v1.15 will begin upgrading  **control plane only**  to v1.16
* Node pools  **will not be auto-upgraded to v1.16 at this time** , but can be manually upgraded following the instructions below.

The following clusters in your project are scheduled for the upgrade:

* [Squidex (squidex-157415)](https://www.google.com/appserve/mkt/p/AD-FnEyid0BV_2x_BZ0tz-TOrBUjv6QUt_8rPYAGlkNpN4o0fE0LHJ6r_Jxxo8yFfwGELK4UjeTND79qmJiuhNerKn41TmcsZN7lynAPESJyzGyCWv5qJqEsYEGwR_M)
  * squidex

But this does not explain it yet, because:

  • The control plane was not updated.
  • The mail points out that the Node pools (the servers actually hosting Squidex) are not impacted.