Slug type field doesn't replaces apostrophes by dashes

I have a question regarding a “Page URL” field: it is a “slug” type field, but it doesn’t replace the apostrophes by dash. When you copy-paste the title of the page, spaces are replaced by dashes but not the apostrophes, frequent in French.
For example, if I have the title “Comment enlever la couleur verte de l’eau d’une-piscine?” (= how to change the green color of the water of a swiming pool), and I copy-paste in the “URL” field, I have : comment-enlever-la-couleur-verte-de-l’eau-d’une-piscine", and I have to manually replaces the 2 apostrophes.
Is this a normal behaviour?

Thanks in advance for your answer!

It is the “fault” of the slugify lib that we use. You could check that.