Site is down for us

Hi the site seems to be down at the moment.

Hi, for me it works fine.

I also have a few uptime checks that run every 5 minutes from different datacenters and they have not reported anything.

seems all good now - must have been something weird.


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same again

could this be a cloudflare issue? this is quite important for us as it’s affecting a live site.

getting this from the api

@Sebastian please can you look into this as it’s still happening for us

Same here, I can’t access to the dashboard.

Same here, we are occuring problems with connection to API…

Does not works webhooks :frowning:

Sorry for the delay, I will take care about it. My uptime checks have never been triggered because the server got restarted automatically very fast, but I see the error in the logs.

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I will make an in-depth analysis tomorrow, but so far it seems that the Squidex went out of connections to the database and then health check were no responsive anymore and the servers have been restarted.

The reason is an unexpected number of requests I guess from batch operations and problems with authentications that caused that.

Unfortunately the uptime checks only reported a very short window of less than 2 minutes.

I have deployed a new version with an increased pool size and will dig into this tomorrow.

I understand that you are worried when you see this, but please do not use the chat on our site for that. Most requests are about sales and feature coverage and I do not have alerts with high priority on them.

thanks for your help @Sebastian