Single Sign On question

I can’t get single sign on (SSO) to work. I have a separate IdentityServer 4 and 2 applications using it - Squidex and our bespoke Asp.Net Core application. I can successfully sign into Squidex using my IdentityServer credentials but if I am already signed in to the bespoke website then Squidex still asks you to sign in again. I expected SSO to happen at this point. Can you give me any ideas what is going wrong?

This is the normal behavior right now.

The problem is that I show the modal window for login and therefore the login does not happen automatically.

But you can turn off the modal:

you can turn on this setting to true, then Squidex will make a redirect instead. When you have only one login method turned on it will redirect to the external provider automatically. Because you are logged in there already you will be redirected back to Squidex. As a user you will see a few redirects but you do not have to do anything.

Thanks so much for the quick reply

Just tried this and it works works fine - that’s great. One thing, after login you are redirected to the homepage. Is it possible to redirect back to the requested Squidex page?

Not yet, PR is welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks Sebastian - will have a look

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