Self hosting with Docker > Unable to proceed past login

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Current behavior


I’m using this docker-compose to bring up my services on a vm (a droplet hosted by DigitalOcean). I set the username, password, and domain in the .env file (domain pointed at a real internet facing subdomain I own).

When browsing to my base URL, I get the login prompt, enter the username/password specified in .env. The popup closes and nothing else happens. When I refresh the page, it’s stuck on the “Loading Squidex” screen.

Looking at the logs, I can see some kind of issue with what looks like the identity server. Full logs:

Expected behavior

Expect to log into Squidex.

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I think we already had this problem with DigitalOcean: Non-Standard Port Installation

The problem is something in their DNS so that the docker image cannot reach itself.

Thanks for the quick response.

The previous attempt was with DigitalOcean’s pre-made Docker droplet.

I just tried it again on a plain Ubuntu droplet that I installed Docker on. Works fine!

Seems reasonable to say there’s something funky with how DO configured Docker.

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I have added a hint to the documentation.