Self hosting squidex on Azure cloud

Hi Team,

I would like to host Squidex on Azure cloud. Could you please guide me? I’ve hosted in local environment using steps & it’s working fine.

Thanks in advance.

The first question is: How do you want to host it, there are a lot of options:

  1. Kubernetes
  2. Docker
  3. WebApp
  4. Custom Linux VM?
  5. Custom Windows VM?

@Sebastian I would like to host using 3. WebApp

I have not done it by myself yet, but you can have a look to the official docs:

Perhaps I find the time to test it out by myself, but not before Monday I guess.

@Sebastian Okay sure. Thanks for sharing a link.

I have written a short article about Azure:

@Sebastian Thanks for writing an article sure will look on it & get back to you.

Again thanks for your valuable efforts.

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@Jignesh24 I am not sure if still relevant, but I managed to setup squidex in Azure using Web App and posted a short how to here in the forums.

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