Self Hosted, prevent new users from creating apps

Just setup Squidex in Azure using OIDC login with Azure Active Directory (single tenant). One thing I noticed, is that when a new user logs in with their Azure AD account, with no permissions set, they can stand up new apps. Is there any way to disable this and prevent new users from being able to create apps?

Look here:

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We also want to prevent users from creating new apps. So far we created users on an app and assigned custom roles to them for that app which is working. The problem now is when that person logs in they can do the following:

  1. Create another app, new blog sample, new profile sample and new identify app


We want to prevent these options being visible to users that don’t have the rights to action these:

Whats wrong with the setting above?

Goes to 404 page, but I can see where you are referring to and found the options in appsettings.json to set the permissions to create app to true/false and it is working 100%.

Now just to only make API Documentation, Feedback & Support and Github only visible to admin as well.,


Thank you, I was looking exactly for this!
To save some time for newbies - like me -, the identical ENV variable to onlyAdminsCanCreateApps is:


Use this e.g. in docker-compose.yml