Search within content blocks

Hi Sebastian

Would it be possible to include additional search function for text content within the content blocks.

As content editor:

We need to locate and edit word/terms and pdf links with in a page. Some of our pages can consist of over 40 blocks. Each of our sections (nested content block) and subsection contains a h2 or h3 header and paragraphs

Chapter (single page)

  • • Section (block)
  • o Subsection (block)
  • o Subsection (block)
  • • Section (block)
  • o Subsection (block)
  • o Subsection (block)
  • • section (block)

some pages have 50 plus blocks

The main internal search finds all the chapters (single page) that contain the term

But when opening a chapter block (single page) to see the nested content blocks, would it be possible to have a search field here as well.
Could this then highlight the relevant nested content block that contains the term. Currently we are using the browser search but this doesn’t work as well when there are over 30 blocks to search.


Using browser search to find the term in the content blocks.

We are also using the flat datafile to help locate the blocks, so if you have any other tips that we could use for internal search that would be great.

many thanks

I will think about it. It is a tough task, though. Because the internal search is a full text search and hard to mimic in the frontend.

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