Search not working

Hi, the search request stoped working in our project.
We’re doing the following request:$search=arica

But it returns 0 items:
“total”: 0,
“items”: [],
“statuses”: [
“status”: “Archived”,
“color”: “#eb3142
“status”: “Draft”,
“color”: “#8091a5
“status”: “Published”,
“color”: “#4bb958
“_links”: {
“self”: {
“href”: “/api/content/chiletur/sectores”,
“method”: “GET”

Funny thing is that when searching in the Admin page, it correctly lists 2 items.

We looked what request the Admin does (it’s a JSON) and replicated the same request in Postman with the same 0 item result.{"fullText"%3A"arica"%2C"take"%3A10%2C"sort"%3A[]%2C"filter"%3A{"and"%3A[]}}

Are your items published?


Is there any other condition that may cause a difference betwwen our use of the API and how the Admin access it?

I don’t think so. Can you give me permission to your app? Search for Sebastian (Squidex) or so.

The published items have a dedicated full text index. Perhaps there is an issue with that.

Hi Sebastian, how do we do that? Add you has a Client o as a Role?

As a contributor, please

Hi Sebastian, I’m sorry for the delay. We had to take care of another project in the meantime.
I just added you as contributor (Reader role) to our project

Just checked and the search at the top of this thread still returns empty.

I don’t know which user you have added but not Sebastian (Squidex)

Hi Sebastian, there is no “Sebastian (Squidex)” in the list. I only could find “Sebastian Stehle”. Maybe if I add you by email?


I will download the newest backup and debug your case.

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce it, but it works when I republish the content.

Thanks Sebastian, it worked!

Good, but not really satisfying for me as I have to find out how that happened :frowning:

The same has happened to me a few times. But after reindexing the schemas, the search works again.