Search content - Failed to Load contents error

HI Sebastian,

I am still running Squidex 3.5.0.
We got to a stage where can can’t use the internal search to filter content. We get a failed to load contents message. Can you speculate what would cause this type of issue? We seem to get it across all content schemas.

No idea, sorry. The template for new topics is not there because I was bored :wink:

Hi Sebastian,
I just wanted to ask you again about the search bar within Squidex. I cannot find a reason why search seems to be failing. I have watch the logs, but don’t see anything that jumps out at me.

Can you describe what search attemps to do internal or point me toward the code related to this? I am using v3.5.0.
Having the ability to filter our content items is key to utilizing this great tool.

Thanks again,

If you look to the template when creating new support requests I am asking for log files and so on. If you can provide more details it is also more likely I can help.

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