Scrolling Large Data Set With Multiple Sub Sections

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Current behavior

A user accesses a large data set which has multiple sub sections and needs to scroll

Using the outer and inner scroll bars the user moves through the multiple sub sections and reaches the last section.

When the user uses the inner scroll on the screen, wheel mouse, page up or control arrows on the keyboard the screen will scroll up one or two sections then the view will return to the point at which it began scrolling (last sections)

Expected behavior

When a user uses the inner scroll in the screen, wheel mouse, page up or control arrows on the keyboard the view should scroll up based on the users direction

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Not sure what you mean. I have not modified any scrollbar behaviour
It is the browser Default behaviour.

Sebastian, This is scroll-bar which appears for a schema which has Array of Sub Sections. IF there are lot of sub sections then scroll bar keeps jumping. Sometimes we lose the right position and it jumps to top. This become more worse when we keep browser open for 10 min and come back. Not sure if this is related to having some bug or memory leak. As far as I know you are using Angular material. If you are open for screen share meet, we can demo this problem during a screen share.

I answered in another topic that I switched to another library for scrolling: [SOLVED] Possible cloud editor regression / components disappearing and reappearing in editor

Perhaps this solves the issue for you as well.

Thanks. Which version of Squidex have the fix?