Schema Creation Help

We have been using Squidex as CMS and so far it is working as expected. Recently we came across a use case and I’m unable to define schema for it. The requirement is a parent child relationship in SQL speak. Below is the screenshot


Editors would like to use the above data to tag existing content. In order to support tagging of existing content, I can use the “References” field type and it works great as long as the referenced schema contains only one field in it.

But I am not sure of how to represent the above table as a schema in Squidex. Should I represent them as a flat structure ? Also, while tagging, editors would like to search and select items in “Sub Category” column and behind the scenes we should populate both the “Categories” and “Ids” data associated with the selected option. For example: If the user selects “ABD” as “Sub Category”, then we should tag the content as "A (the Category), ABD (the SubCategory), (123,321,874) (the Ids) .

I defined a schema called “test” as below and added couple of items.

Also, I configured “Sub Category” as assigned fields for reference fields.

Now when I try to tag an item, I’m not seeing the value of items in “SubCategory” rather I just see “2 Items” as below.

Can you provide some insights on how to approach this use case?

Sudharsan N.

I would use your approach with the arrays for the categories and then a simple tags field with a custom editor to select the tags:

There is also a sample for a tree like structure:

With custom editors, the data (category,subcategory,ids) needs to pulled from Squidex on document ready? If so, then we have to store the credentials to access Squidex also in the html , right? Or, keep it as a JSON file ?

BTW, the example custom editor page (, is not working.


No, you get the access token as context:

There is a demo editor for the context only:

What is not working with the editors you mentioned?

I will take a look at the context object.

Below is the error when I try the country-selector.

Works for me. Perhaps the CDN does not deliver the file (company firewall or so?)

Oh! may be. Will double check.