Reusable components?

Just curious, is it possible to “build” reusable components in the Squidex interface?
Let me give you an example. We have a bunch of schemas containing different stuff, what they have in common is that all of them contain a field called “description” (like regular wysiwyg editors). I got a request from our marketing department if we could “attach” a dropdown with predefined hex-codes to the field so that marketing can change the color for the description field (hence they don’t want to have full flexibility here so the existing color field is not an option)

I can easily solve this by just adding another field to the schema with the dropdown but it’s pretty time consuming to create the same dropdown all over the place when you have lot’s of schemas, and not to mention, if they want to add some additional color in the future that would mean i would need to edit all of the existing dropdowns.

Not yet, but i think there is feature request for that. You can also copy and paste this field using the json editor.