Retriving the multiple reference schema using graphql

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Current behavior

Hi @Sebastian I want the support regarding the retriving the multiple reference schema
Below I am sharing the output of rest api which contains reference schema i have to convert that to graphql

In the above section there is one array containing single object in that one Content property contains 3 reference schema
When we pass all that 3 schemas as a parameter in the postman than i get array containig 3 objects
Sharing the screenshot of rest api which contains 3 schema id of content as a parameter

In the above screenshot there are 3 objects inside an array and inside every object there is content property and that content property contains 3 different schemas which contains our data
Remember that for 3 object content contains 3 different schemas
Remaining screenshot of 2 different objects

Below screenshot of graphql query i travel till the array of 3 objects but further i am not able

Expected behavior!

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Hi @Sebastian Is there any solution for my above problem

Now getting this kind of error how to use inline fragments in my query is there any error in my graphql query @Sebastian


just read this:

Hi @Sebastian Thank you for the reply the issue is solved by using the inline fragments in the graphql query