Retrieving image file extension in API call

Hi, I’m working on a single page web app in Vue.js and have run into an issue. During build time when I’m querying for content using the API I will receive a response holding the guid for the image. The way that vue serves images requires a full file name and extension. I’d rather be able to download the images at build time to my assets directory and serve them in a static manner. Is there a way to get the image filename rather than the guid so that I can know what the file’s extension is?

Hi, the file name is not used to locate an asset. It is only the GUID that is needed. If you click the download link you can retrieve the asset url and see how it is build. You can use the same url for the image tag.

You can also use GraphQL to retreive all image information or add the X-Resolve-Urls header to your api calls to get final URls instead of IDs.

Are there any examples of X-Resolve-Urls being used in your documentation? I can’t seem to find a reference to it.

I will add one, it is just a header, just test it out I would say :slight_smile:

Hi, I have added it to the docs: