Retrieve all Contents from Singleton schema via ClientLibrary


I am using Squidex ClientLibrary and would like to retrieve all the content items via code even if we have no content data present for it.

Below is the code I am trying to use to retrieve all the content items regardless of whether it has data or not.

await Client.GetAsync(new ODataQuery(), QueryContext.Default, CancellationToken.None);

However, if I insert the content then those content items will be returned in the response.

Note: This is a singleton schema. but I have experienced similar issue with Multiple content schema as well.


I am not sure if I understand you

Do you want to retrieve unpublished content as well?
Do you want to retrieve content across all schemas?

Hi Sebastian

Thanks for getting back.

I am performing migration of contents from Server A to Server B. I have a Singleton schema set up on both the servers. There are 5 Items defined in each schema such as Name, AddLine1, AddLine2, City, and Country

So, Server A has data filled for Name and City but no data has been defined for AddLine1, AddLine2 and Country. Now I would like to copy all the contents for this singleton schema from Server A to Server B.
So that Name and City values are copied to Server B

When I try to retrieve contents from Server A using the below query, I get only 2 items Name and City.
var sourceContents = await srcClient.GetAsync(new ODataQuery(), QueryContext.Default, CancellationToken.None);

However, when I try to retrieve contents from Server B, no items are retrieved since no data was populated.
var targetContents = await tgtClient.GetAsync(new ODataQuery(), QueryContext.Default, CancellationToken.None);

Is there a way I can obtain all the source Content information (not just Name and City as in the above example) and then update its value in the target based on names?

Hope I am able to explain better :slight_smile:


Right now, there is no way. It is as simple as that.