Restrict Contributors/Users/Groups to Owned Content

So, here’s a question… How do you restrict a contributor/user to seeing only the content items created by themselves or a group they are assigned to?

For example, in an Umbraco site, we have users and groups and can set “start nodes” where those users/groups can begin creating content items. They can only see and edit the items they create. This is essential in my eyes. For example, say you have a Jobs Postings app where multiple departments can post jobs. You wouldn’t want each department to be able to edit other department’s jobs, nor even see them really (as it would just confuse them).

So how do you deal with this need in Squidex?

Hi Robert,

restricting users to their own content is possible.

You can use the following permissions for that:


So with the following permissions you can allow users full access to their content:


Your second request is not possible right now. You cannot restrict users to see the content of their group only. You can only use several schemas or provide some filters in the right filter tab for that.

You can also create a feature request for that of course.