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Current behavior

I’m trying to load my development machine with my production content. I have restored my production MongoDB backup to my local environment. When I start my local squidex, pointed at the mongodb, the apps/content from production are not visible. It is an empty squidex environment. Looking into the mongodb database, I can see my production apps within the States_Apps collection. If I create a new app, it is appended to the same collection. Only the newly created app is visible within my squidex instance, even though my production apps are contained in the same collection.

Expected behavior

All apps contained within my local mongodb instance are visible within my local squidex instance.

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Hi, this version is really old. Are you running 4.7.3 locally as well? If not it might be an issue with the migration system, but I have to test that. Perhaps if you provide me a backup or so.

I am running locally as well.

If you can DM me your email address, I can share the backup with you.

It is

Are you sure you have restored all collections?

I have shared the backup with you from google drive to your email address. I have restored the whole database dump. There are Squidex and SquidexContent databases.

Is there something Indexes_AppXxx?

Backup is from host running 4.0.3 (I know out of date). So restoring from 4.0.3 into a 4.7.3. Would that be the problem, or are they backward compatible?

Here are the collections:

Collections continued:

Looks okay. I can test you backup end of next week.

Thank you! Let me know if you need any more info.