Restore the backup in cloud app

Dear Team,

We have triggered a wrong sync command by using CLI. we lost all our schemas and content.​

will it be possible to revert back all schemas and content.​

Request you to consider this request as an urgent request.

​app url :

Please restore the latest back-up.


Venkata Phani kumar R


I had a look to the database and it seems that all these changes have happened today. I can also delete these changes and then your schemas should come back when the caches get cleared. Alternatively you can send me a download link to your backup and delete your cargocrew-dev schema so that the name becomes free again.

They are part of your backup.

Hi Sebastian,
I can’t find the option of delete?

venkata Phani kumar R

In the settings,

Hi Sebastian,
Thanks a lot. I have done the same as per your comment.

Request you to restore the backup in the cloud app. under the same business plan.

Venkata Phani kumar R

Done, can you have a look?

Thanks … its all restored.

Venkata Phani kumar

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