Restore the backup in a new cloud app

Hi Team,
we want to set up a new UAT app.

Please find the backup here and restore it to a new app


I will provide the backup link shortly

App Name: cargocrew-uat

Please create the app under business subscription.

Venkata Phani kumar R

I will do it tomorrow, please read this in the meantime:

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Hi Sebastian,
I sent an email to hello@squidex with all backup link details.

Please let us know once after restoring the app.

Thanks in advance.

Venkata Phani kumar R

From the docs:

Do not share your backup link in a public post, use personal messages for that.

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Hi ,
I sent an email to you ( by keeping the backup link.

Venkata Phani kumar

I mean a PM in the forum here.

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I sent the message…

I have done it, but you have to change the subscription yourself.

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Thanks, I will update it shortly.

Hi @Sebastian , how long do you usually need to restore a backup to a new instance.