Resources Squidex is using to host their production environment

Hi @Sebastian,

Could you share with us what resources (cloud or otherwise) that you are using to host your production Squidex environment?



I cannot share all information such as cluster size but in general this is the architecture:

  1. Everything is hosted in Google Cloud. It also providers very good solutions for monitoring, APM and logging, but I have integrated a few custom services to get more valuable data our of Squidex for APM.

  2. There is single kubernetes cluster with a 3-node MongoDB replica set using this solution:, stored on SSD drives.

  3. Squidex is hosted as a cluster in kubernetes as well using a normal deployment and a service.

  4. HTTPS handling is currently done with Cloudflare, but I had to disable the security mechanism of cloudflare because it blocked several users, for example many java clients got blocked.

  5. Assets are stored in Google storage system.

  6. Backups for the MongoDB are done automatically every night using a kubernetes Job:

  7. Right now there is no CDN yet, but I am planning to add two CDN endpoints for assets and contents for higher plans only.

That’s very helpful. Thank you!