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Is there any option to resolve references to other content items when using the .NET client library in the same call? I see that there is the X-Resolve-Urls for assets, is there anything similar to content items?

Just use GraphQL I would say…


Sorry to bring this thread back alive but I’m also having some issues and since I don’t know GraphQL I first want inquire about this.

It is not possible with the .NET Client to know what kind of type the reference is?
I just receive a list of the referenced guids, but not the type?

The only way to solve this is to

  1. Query every possible reference with the id’s
  2. Use GraphQL

I know it does not look like this, but the following method resolves contents by ids across all schemas:

You can just take 100 ids or so from 50 schemas and put them all in.

Thanks for the tip!

I’ve actually used it already, but just for one schema.
I assume the TData needs to have all the properties of all different schema’s i’m trying to resolve?

And not 1:1 from TData to Schema?

Or a dynamic structure like JObject or Dictionary or so.

Hey Sebastian

Could you give me an example with the JObject or Dictionary?

I tried using the JObject approach (Code below) but my ‘data field’ ends up being empty.

// JObjectContent
public class JObjectContent : Content<JObject> { }

// Client
clientManager.CreateContentsClient<JObjectContent, JObject>("schema");

// Request & parsing
 var sectionObjects = await SectionClient.GetAsync(ids);

foreach (var section in sectionObjects.Items) {
   var sectionVM = section.SchemaName switch {
       "cardsection" => Mapper.Map<CardSectionVM>(section.Data.ToObject<CardSectionData>()),
       "imagesection" => Mapper.Map<ImageSectionVM>(section.Data.ToObject<ImageSectionData>()),
       _ => Mapper.Map<SectionVM>(section.Data.ToObject<BaseSectionData>())
   // ...

The code “works” as in it doesn’t throw an error. But my section.Data fields are all empty.

The client library includes DynamicContent class for that. Sorry, I have forgotten it.