Regarding Customer/partner Account

is their any plan to implement module that can manage partner accounts, none of the headless platform offer such account management. This is very much required for large website /cms where they handle partners and customers. i know it will be more of a DXP feature but again it can bring lot of USP to squidex.

iam a good wisher of you guys, becoz you are doing a great job!



Can you clarify what you mean with that?

Hi Sebastian,
I will explain a use case, let us assume a business with lot of partners (Partners can be a vendor or a reseller) so i want to provide them login and accounts in my front end client of the web portal. once they logged in they can access many personalized things like training materials, brochures, videos etc. How can we do this in squidex?

So as like the user management if we have customer account management will that make work?

I am not sure if this what you are looking for: