ReferencesFieldPropertiesDto: SchemaIds

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Current behavior

Trying to set the SchemaId for on the type ReferencesFieldPropertiesDto does not exist. Instead a SchemaIds field (ICollection) is available. However populating this field does not update the Reference properties for the schemaids. I can see the API in the browser uses the same endpoint however this sends the property “schemaId” instead of SchemaIds.

Expected behavior

The API should allow you to update \ change the SchemaId for a reference field.

Which version do you use? And do you use the API or do you write some extension?

But I can also not reproduce it:

My appologies. I just went and checked the squidex api version and was very far outdated. Seems the kubernetes helm charts are referencing version 3.3.0 which should probably be latest.

I have redeployed using the latest tag and looks much better now.

You are right, sorry. Latest is dangerous so I changed it to ‘5’

Thank you for your quick response. I figured it would have to something that was version related as the UI called a different API schema than the C# SDKS.

I will change the tag to 5 aswell for development.