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Hi Sebastian, how are you?

I’m not sure if the following is possible but I hope you can help me:
I want to be able to reference to a field inside the current schema item

let’s say I have the following schema with their values

  • Field1: Value1
  • Field2: [Value20, Value21, Value23]
  • Field3: Field2.Value21, Value3;

As you can see, I referenced to a value of Field2 in the value of Field3.

Is this possible or not? Because I want to add data to a combination of multiple fields.

Kind regards,

And what do you expect? Do you want that the field gets resolved somehow?

What I expect is that (if possible) I can use the values of other fields in the same item.

Like for example is have an array with colors, I want to be able to select one of those colors in an other field, so I can add additional data to it.

The problem I have is that I have different types of a product, but I also have different colors. each type of a product has the same colors.

But I need to add a gtin code to each combination, like:
Type 1, color 1, gtin 1
Type 1, color 2, gtin 2
Type 2, color 1 gtin 3
Type 2, color 2, gtin 4

Is this possible?

It should be possible with a custom editor.

Let me know if it does not work. I can probably build a sample, but please try it out yourself first.

Of course I will try it myself first.

I hope I have time this week, but I will keep you updated

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I create a poc which seems to do what I want.
Its a great feature those custom editors :slight_smile:

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