Redirected to a 404 on /Account/Login when pressing login

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Current behavior

When pressing the login button on the home page the popup URL is


Which returns a 404. However if I change the URL to http://localhost:5001/identity-server/Account/Login I am presented with the Login screen.

My appsettings.json url configuration is as shown below

	"urls": {
		"baseUrl": "http://localhost:5001",
		"basePath": "",
		"enforceHttps": false,
		"enforceHost": false,
		"knownProxies": [],
		"enableForwardHeaders": true,
		"trustedHosted": []

Expected behavior

The login button would create a popup showing the login screen.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Using the latest commit on master.


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Which version do you use? It sounds like a master version and something that is already fixed.

Hi Sebastian,

I’m currently using the latest commit on master as some of the features I require aren’t in a released version yet.


Okay, I am gonna have a look again. Are you using a subpath? e.g.

I have fixed it in the master.


Thanks for swift reply and fix Sebastian!

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