Real-time collaboration in Squidex

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We are currently looking for a CMS to use for a customer solution and Squidex caught our attention.
One of the things we need is a real time collaboration function similar to what Google Docs and Office365 are offering. Is this something that is supported in Squidex? Because when I tried to work on a content type with a fellow colleague at the same time I got this error when trying to save:

I also noticed Squidex supports external editors, like CKEditor. Do you think it is possible to use the real-time collaboration option of CKEditor together with Squidex?
Does anyone have any ideas or tips on how we could achieve this?

I was thinking something like:

  • Allow saves from multiple users at once
  • Use CKEditor’s auto-save and collaboration options

Many thanks in advance.

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right now it is not supported and It would require a very big change to make it work.

I am not sure about CKEditor, perhaps you can get it working if only one person saves the content and the editor person is just a pair writer, like in pair programming.

In general it is a very complicated task, because you have to solve the problem for each editor.

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