Re-order posts (using UI interface)


I tried to look for this request in the forum but couldn’t find any solution.

Is there any recommended way I can reorder posts/items in the scheme?

Use case: FAQ list, when you want specific posts to appear at the top of the list.

I know I could do it by adding a numeric field and order it manually but looking for something a bit easier than that.


Thats the easiest approach. But you can make the order index inline editable

Not sure I understand how, mind elaborating?


Tried looking for order index, but couldn’t find any field/option like this. Am I missing something?

And this the result

Oh, got it! Thanks.

It’s easy and simple, but probably less practical when dealing with hundreds of posts. If it was automatically updated based on the location of the row it would be easier.

Which FAQ List has hundreds of posts with a global order? You then have categories and order within a category. You could create and save a filter then.

Haha, you’re right; I just gave the FAQ as an example. We will soon post many help/knowledge-base items, and some will need to be sorted/ordered to highlight their importance.

Under a single category, we can have many items as well, so that’s why I asked about an easier way to simply drag the UI cell/row and change the order of the list.

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