Randomly cannot load schemas

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Current behavior

App is running slowly with some things loading, but frequently seeing this error pop up especially when trying to access Schemas or Contents: “Failed to load schemas. Please reload.”

Expected behavior

I can access all areas of the App without issue.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

No idea, is working fine for another almost identical environment!


App Name: corecms

  • [x] Self hosted with docker
  • [ ] Self hosted with IIS
  • [ ] Self hosted with other version
  • [ ] Cloud version

Version: 6.9.0


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  • [ ] Firefox
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  • [ ] Safari (iOS)
  • [ ] IE
  • [ ] Edge

Seeing a load of errors like this in our logs:

Response did not arrive on time in 00:00:30 for message: Request S10.53.156.21:11114:401029379cli/4285e381@3ef82496->S10.53.155.186:11114:401033944grn/Squidex.Domain.Apps.Entities.Schemas.Indexes.SchemasCacheGrain/0+c83c11db-b2a7-474e-bb8f-d3f94b020146@44d823ab InvokeMethodRequest Squidex.Domain.Apps.Entities.Schemas.Indexes.ISchemasCacheGrain:GetSchemaIdsAsync #33601. Target History is: S10.53.155.186:11114:401033944:*grn/Squidex.Domain.Apps.Entities.Schemas.Indexes.SchemasCacheGrain/0+c83c11db-b2a7-474e-bb8f-d3f94b020146:@44d823ab. About to break its promise.

We are trying a redeployment but I am wondering what could cause this? We are looking at our deployments atm and want to protect against this kind of thing, I think the answer is likely just “migrate to Squidex v7.x so you get rid of Orleans related bugs” but how can we recover from this state until then? (really hoping redeployment and/or restarting the Docker containers magically works!)

Hard to say:

  1. Configuration issues
  2. Network issues
  3. Server has crashed and is restarted

Thanks for responding, I was just desperately trying to get it sorted as it’s last thing on a Friday! Happy to say restarting the Docker containers has fixed this for us.

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