Questions about Squidex cloud service location and storage backend

Hello again,

Apologies if this is posted in the wrong forum, but I have some quick questions about Squidex cloud service, as that is something that we may consider for a couple of our projects.

As dataprotection is important for us under the GDPR regulations, we wonder which data centers Squidex cloud resides in. On their web page they mention that it’s hosted on Google Cloud services (GCP), but as far as I could see no mentioning of which geographical locations used. So if you could provide some insight into that or refer us to someone that would know that would be extremely helpful

Also, we have a question about the internal asset storage within Squidex cloud. Do you use some kind of S3 storage also in the cloud solution or something else?

Thank you in advance,
Terje Thoresen


thanks for your interest. I will add that to the FAQ:

  1. We use belgium for the kubernetes cluster (europe-west1(
  2. For storage we use multi regional eu

So technically your data should not leave the EU.

Sounds great Sebastian, thanks again. We’ll take that into our considerations.



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