Question about User Permissions / Roles

I have…

I’m currently investigating whether or not Squidex works for my current setup. Please can someone advise me if the following is possible in Squidex.

I have read the documentation and tried to view some other questions and have not found the answers: Permissions - Squidex

  1. In my testing, I as a user can publish my own changes, is there a way to stop a user from publishing their own changes?
  2. If a user has the role “Editor” can we stop them from reversing any changes?
  3. Is it possible to have a user that is the only responsible for creating users? e.g. this user cannot manage or edit content.

Thank you in advance.

I think it should be possible with custom scripting.

Squidex has no concept of reversing, only changes.

Yes, thats possible. Just give him squidex.users, permissions but do not add him to any app.

Thank you Sebastian.

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