Querying with postman

How is this not a valid query? It worked in the browser Graphiql

I think it should be:

query {
   pages: queryPagesContents {

Thanks for the reply.
This still doesn’t work, I get the error “Either Ids or Schedule range must be defined.”

Which version do you use? Local or cloud?

This works for me in the cloud:

I can also not reproduce your problem with the latest version.

I’m using cloud version at the moment, it works fine on the integrated graphiql.
But when I use the same query in postman it doesn’t work. Really scratching my head on this.

Works for me…

If you provide me as much information as possible, it would help.

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It works for me now.

My error was not putting “/graphql” at the end of the url haha
Thanks for the help, I’ve been stuck at this for longer then I want to admit.

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