Problems with setting up identity

I got a bit lost while trying to set up the following scenario:

I have an Angular frontend which consumes data from an squidex app. Now i want to add the possibility to register users that can login (Implicit or AuthCode Flow) to access some restricted content of the squidex app.
I am aware of OIDC and have used Keycloak in the past, but i would love to have everything in one place, so my non-tech savvy editor can manage users and content in one place.

What i don’t understand after reading the docs:

  • What is the difference between creating an “identity-app” inside my squidex instance and using this squidex-identity app? Do i need both?
  • Is there a example for a use case like this?

What i tried so far:

  1. Create an “identity-app”
  2. Add a client “myclient” in the content tab
  3. Try to acces http://localhost/identity-server/connect/authorize?response_type=token&client_id=myclient
  4. I get the following error: “Unknown client or client not enabled”

I feel like im doing this completely wrong but i just don’t understand how this should all be connected together.


Squidex itself does not have a feature to manage end users. It is just too complicated in many, many ways, BUT you can use Squidex Identity for that.

The idea of Squidex identity is to have a separate application that connects to Squidex. Squidex hosts all the data like users and configuration and Squidex Identity provides the actual features, similar to keycloak. But it is more like a database. Even if your users is authenticated in Squidex identity, it does not mean they can access the data.

I understand, thank you for the quick response!
Is there a working example / best practice with docker-compose for squidex + squidex-identity?

I am also lost here. I can make an individual Identity app working with but how can I can make it work with self hosted local installation?

I tried to change the settings but it shows can issues while making connection, getting access-token, accessing schemas etc or Http not found. How exactly Identity needs to be set up under Squidex CMS server?