Please include tinymce.js

Hi Sebastian,

We are currently deploying Squidex on-premise without internet, so everything that should be needed for Squidex should be on the servers itself.
Most seems to work just fine, there is one vital part that is currently not working and that is the rich text editor. That is because tinymce.js is loaded from cdn when the component is used:

Would you consider to include this in the repo itself?
Thereafter you could load it via angular.json (or the equivalent)? Or if you don’t want to load the .js file on app start, you could reference to the local .js file instead of the cdn? Same actually goes for the browser version warning, json editor, markdown and geolocation.

Wasn’t sure if I should put this under hosting or under bugs. It’s relevant to hosting, but probably not a bug to anyone else.



P.S. I need this anyway so I just forked the Repo, I guess a js/ folder in the directory of the frontend/app would be appropriate. If you want I can make a PR.

Hi, I understand your requirement, but for me it has very little priority. So if you want to make a PR, you are welcome.