Payment for the subscription - billing model

Hi there,

We have an MOD Client who we shall be deploying a solution for soon using Squidex. However the client, being a government body, usually pays using invoice/po as opposed to online subscription (as set out by procurement law). Is there a way in which they can be invoiced by yourselves as opposed to paying online?

I am currently configuring what they will need and will have the monthly costing so that we know what is going to be charged.



Hi Jace,

the squidex cloud is coupled to chargebee for subscription management. The only option I see is that I make the subscription by myself and create a invoice for that. But I would prefer not to do it every month.

Thanks for the update Sebastian. Let me speak with the MOD and see what they need. Currently we are talking about the possibility of 4 proffesional instances (one for each of the Services plus one central instance). We may also have 5 instances for each of the project delivery environments (Dev-Test/UAT) but we shall let them decide on what they will need for the Beta Delivery (the DGS version of Go Live).

Thanks again Sebastian,