Payment for Subscription Issue

Dear Team,

Request to please share the other payment options for the invoice since auto debits are restricted in India. It means, earlier monthly recurring payments are restricted now.

Note :- As explained below, the Recurring monthly/quarterly/annual payment link including Auto Debits/ charges is not accepted by our Banker … due to New banking rules in India.

In India, the RBI is the Central bank to monitors all banks in India. According to the RBI rule, banks will now facilitate ‘additional factor authentication’ on auto-debit payments to customers/cardholders to safeguard their payments wef 01-October-2021.

If We have taken a subscription to an over-the-top (OTT) platform or any other website, the automatic payment that takes place every month will no longer happen automatically. Our bank will have to take approval from us before making the payment. We will receive a notification in this regard 24 hours before the payment and money from our account will not be deducted unless we approve it.

Banks are working on these changes in their systems (but not completed yet. Very soon, Banks will provide this ) under the new rule on the Auto Debit system are said to be responsible for this problem being faced by Users of cardholders. Hope that Bank will provide update its system soon and provide a solution for auto-debit

Thanks in Advance

Can you not just move to yearly subscription?

We can move to yearly subscription but we need a payment link to wire the payment.

If you go for the professional plan I can also accept bank transfer.

Thanks Sebastian, Appreciate your quick response.
We are in Professional plan only, if you can drop a mail on the yearly subscription I can loop in my Finance team to do the payment.

Hi Sebastian, Can you please let us know how to proceed on this?

I have sent you an email yesterday.

I have sent the email again.